Special Character problems when exporting tickets to a CSV file and opening in Excel


We faced a problem: special caracthers like ç, ã, ó, õ used in Portuguese language. When exporting this tickets throught "Administration / Import and Export / Export to CSV" or using "Reports / Summary / Excel Button" words with these special characters like ç, ã, ó, õ are not exported correctly to csv files.


Excel has known issues with displaying UTF-8 encoded CSV files correctly when these files are opened directly through a double-click in Windows Explorer. To resolve this issue, you should import the CSV file using the "Data / Import CSV file" option in Excel. This method ensures that the UTF-8 encoding is recognized correctly and the special characters are displayed as intended.

Here's how to import the CSV file correctly:

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Go to the "Data" tab.
  3. On the Data tab, in the "Get & Transform Data" group, click "From Text/CSV".
  4. Choose your CSV file and click "Import"
  5. The wizard recognizes UTF8 encoding correctly UTF8 and the file should be imported properly

Alternatively, you can open the CSV file with other spreadsheet applications that handle UTF-8 encoding correctly, such as OpenOffice, Google Sheets, or Office365.

Creation date: 6/22/2023 4:58 AM      Updated: 6/27/2024 5:20 AM
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