Emails are not getting imported on the server version

If you experience delays with getting new emails imported into your helpdesk, you may try to disable "Idle timeout" in IIS.

1. Run inetmgr.exe on the helpdesk server.
2. Select "Application pools" on the left.
3. Locate the helpdesk's application pool.
4. Right-click it and choose "Advanced settings"
5. Look for "Idle time-out" and set it to 0 (zero)

By default, the time-out is 20 minutes. It means that if no one is actively using the helpdesk app for 20 minutes, IIS will shut it down. Jitbit Helpdesk has various background jobs that need to continue running even if no one is logged in.
Creation date: 25/01/2016 07:43      Updated: 30/07/2016 13:44
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