How to connect to Office 365 shared mailboxes

In this article, we assume that you've already created a shared mailbox in your Office 365 and granted permissions to the user you are going to use in Jitbit. 

Fetching emails from a shared mailbox is a bit tricky since Microsoft does not provide many tools to make it convenient for an end-user. Here are the steps you need to do:

1. Go to Jitbit - Administration - Email - Edit incoming mailboxes.
2. Choose "Office 365" as a connection method and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your mailbox. You should see something like this:

3. Now go to the Azure Active Directory control panel and search for "Enterprise applications". Go to "All Applications" - you should see Jitbit in the list:

4. Click on it and go to "Permissions". You should see this:

5. Click the big blue "Grant permissions" button and wait a minute. Refresh the "permissions" page. Now it should look like this:

6. Now you need to go back to the Jitbit admin panel and remove the mailbox we've added previously. After you remove it, connect it again and click "edit".
7. Enter the shared mailbox address in the "hostname" column and click "save":

8. You should be done now. Click "Test" to see if everything works.
Creation date: 2/23/2022 9:56 AM      Updated: 2/23/2022 9:56 AM
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