How to purge old tickets (and why)

Under "Admin - General settings" there's a new setting "Auto-delete closed tickets after X days", simply set it to 365 days (for 1 year) or 730 (2 years)

Why purge old tickets?

1. Compliance: deleting old data is sometimes required for compliance & privacy reasons. For example both HIPAA and GDPR require deleting old user data.

2. App responsiveness: keeping your account light makes reports and exports snappier.

3. Carbon footprint: an average busy database server eats 300 watts/h at 100% load, which adds up to 125 kilograms of CO2 per month and that's without the storage costs (126265,2 gCO₂eq estimate calculated for a US datacenter in N. Virginia). Keeping your database small helps minimize CPU load and the resulting emissions.
Creation date: 5/19/2017 6:25 PM      Updated: 2/7/2023 4:06 AM
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