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Import and Export features

Jitbit allows importing and exporting tickets, users, KB articles and more. You can go to the admin panel – Import and Export to check it out.

Import from CSV
You can import your old tickets to Jitbit from a CSV file. Please refer to the import page for the current CSV format and other information. Unfortunately, you cannot import ticket replies or attachments, only the tickets themselves. Please pay attention to your file format – there should be no header row and subject and body have to be enclosed in double quotes.

Import KB from CSV
You can also import Knowledge Base articles from a CSV file. Same rules about the CSV formatting apply here. The category name should be entered without the section name

Import users from CSV
Same as with tickets and articles, users can be imported from CSV. You will need to go to Users & Companies in the admin panel to find this feature.

Export tickets and KB
Your tickets and KB articles can be exported in CSV files. This also doesn't include ticket replies and attachments. Note that import and export formats are a bit different. You can also export your tickets just for a specific date range.

Import from Zendesk
Since we see a lot of customers coming to us from Zendesk, we've added a dedicated Zendesk import support. You just need to enter your credentials and we will import most of your data to Jitbit.
Creation date: 7/27/2016 1:51 PM ()      Updated: 7/30/2016 2:21 PM ()
Jitbit Helpdesk ticketing system is our flagship product. Its a great helpdesk software app offered both as a hosted and "on-premise" versions.