New email senders not added to recipients list


We recently had an issue from a customer that went like this:

1. Person A sent in the issue.
2. We answered person A.
3. An additional question came in to the issue from person B that hadn't been cc:d or part of the conversation at all.
4. When we answered this question it only went to person A. Person B was not added as a recipient to the answer.

Is this the expected behavior?


Yes, if someone emails into an existing ticket but they're not a subscriber yet - they are not added to subscribers automatically. But you get an "incognito" icon next to their reply, with a tooltip saying "Came from a user, who's not a subscriber of this ticket. They won't see your response until you add them" - with a link to add them to the ticket.
Creation date: 10/10/2023 5:24 AM      Updated: 10/19/2023 7:05 AM
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