AI privacy question


Is there any way to exclude "Technician only " Knowledge Base articles from the AI integration?

If not, what information goes to the AI?  Is there anything that would associate our company with the KB data/article?

I ask this because we have one or two KB articles that are "Technician only" articles that include passwords and other sensitive info.

We would like to not include that article (and maybe others) in the AI inclusion.


Actually, yes, "techs only" articles are sent to the OpenAI API because it can still help generate the response. But the generated answer is not sent to end-users unless the technician decides to.

However OpenAI does not use or store any data that is sent to it. We don't use ChatGPT's chat interface, we call it via OpenAI API instead, and the API mentions this in the privacy policy.

Also, NO there's nothing that can associate a KB article with your company name or or other "identifiable" info (unless you actually have this info in the KB article text).

However, a workaround can be - include sensitive data (like passwords) as an image, we don't send any images to GPT.
Creation date: 10/14/2023 5:52 AM      Updated: 10/14/2023 5:52 AM
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