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When attempting to send emails to Jitbit, some users may encounter delivery errors with the message "hmail.jitbit.com gave this error: Spam message rejected". This article provides insights into the possible causes of this error and how to address them.

Possible Causes of Email Rejection

Emails can be rejected by the Jitbit email server for various reasons, including:

  • Being listed on spam blacklists
  • Issues with SPF, DKIM, or DMARC configurations
  • Content of the email triggering spam filters

Note: The rejection is based on a scoring system, where multiple factors contribute to the overall score. If the score exceeds a certain threshold (e.g., 13 points), the email is rejected.

Identifying the Rejection Reasons

You can send us the original email as a .eml file and we will try to identify the specifics. Possible reasons for rejection are:

  • Blacklist status
  • SPF record violations
  • Unknown client hostname
  • Subject line issues (e.g., all caps)
  • Phishing links detected
  • DMARC policy issues
  • Reverse DNS resolution failures
  • DKIM signature rejections
  • ARC signature failures

Each of them contribute a certain number of points. For example, an email with a score of 19.32 points would be considered "very very bad" and thus rejected.

Steps to Resolve Email Rejection Issues

  1. Check if the sending domain is on any spam blacklists using tools like MXToolbox.
  2. Ensure that the sending server is correctly listed in the SPF record of the domain.
  3. Verify that the domain has a valid reverse DNS (PTR) record.
  4. Review and correct any issues with the DKIM and DMARC configurations.
  5. Adjust the content of the email to avoid triggering spam filters (e.g., avoid using all caps in the subject).

If emails from a particular domain are consistently rejected, it may indicate poor server configuration, and a thorough review of the email server settings is recommended.

Additional Information

Redirection of emails to Jitbit is not typically a cause for rejection. However, it is important to ensure that any redirection does not conflict with SPF, DKIM, or DMARC policies.

For more detailed information on specific rejection categories, such as "RDNS_NONE", which indicates an inability to resolve reverse DNS for the sender's IP, it is recommended to consult with technical support.

If you encounter persistent issues or need further assistance, please contact our support team for help.

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