JitBit Forum - How to change attachment size


I just downloaded your trial version of the forum to test it out.

The environment is as follows:
Windows Server 2008 (Web Edition)
I IS 7
MySQL ( latest version)
ODBC 3.2
Forum set up as part of an existing site‎

I've increased the maximum file (MaxUploadFileSizeInBytes) to 10000000 to allow 9+MB files.

I get the error described in the attached file when I try to upload a 7MB file. Is there something I need to do?


Hi Bill

The maximum file size must be limited on the higher level web.config.

Regards, Alex
Jitbit Software


It worked. I found the following and applied it:
The problem
By default, Machine.config is configured to accept HTTP Requests upto 4096 KB (4 MB) and it is reflected in all your ASP.NET applications. You can change the Machine.config file directly, or you can change only the Web.config file of the application(s) you want to.
The solution
Open your Web.config file, and just below the <system.web> tag, add the following tag:
Now, just take a look at the maxRequestLength="4096" attribute of the <httpRuntime> tag. As you may have realized, all you need to do is change the value to some other value of your choice (8192 for 8 Mb, 16384 for 16 Mb, 65536 for 64 Mb, and so on...).
Worked great!