Before you purchase

Many customers still prefer on-premise software despite all the benefits of the hosted version. Here is a short article on what you should know and do before you decide to purchase.

  1. You have to be comfortable with Windows Server or have a system administrator at hand. Jitbit ticketing software is a web application. That means that you will have to maintain a web server (IIS) and a SQL Server (they both can work on a single server). You have to know your way around the server and be able to fix basic issues that could arise during the setup process. As much as we try to make the installation painless, everyone has different configuration and you can encounter problems. But any qualified person should be able to solve them easily. That brings us to the next point.
  2. We do not provide installation assistance services. You will have to set everything up yourself. We can answer questions via email, but we will not provide you with remote assistance. That said, the majority of the time the installation process is painless. But if you do encounter any issue...
  3. There is nothing specific about Jitbit technology-wise. There are no background services or anything like that. It's a basic web app that works on IIS and SQL server. So, if you do encounter issues with installation it's not app-specific - it's an issue with your configuration. You can easily Google the error you are getting or send an email to our support if that fails.
  4. Install the trial first. If the trial installation is successful, you will have no problems with the full version. Please do not purchase the full version before you have successfully installed the trial version on your server.
  5. If you purchase the source codes please have experience with programming. This is a sophisticated helpdesk system written in ASP.NET/C#. If you want to customize the code you have to have experience with Visual Studio and those technologies. Also, we do not provide custom development services.
  6. Consider using the hosted version. It takes 10 seconds to get it running and you do not have to maintain it. If you think you have a legitimate reason to use the on-premises app, contact our support and we will discuss it. Maybe we will convince you to use the hosted version to save you some time and energy.

We are sorry if we come off a little rude in this article, but these are the things you must know before you make the purchase decision. This is an enterprise software meant for advanced users who are able to maintain their own servers. We have the hosted version for everyone else.
Creation date: 2/9/2017 3:12 PM      Updated: 10/17/2023 5:35 PM
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