Helpdesk Automation Rules

The "Automation Rules" module performs automatic actions triggered by certain conditions.

For example:
  • When a support ticket hasn't been updated for 4 hours - alert administrators and send an apology to the customer
  • When a ticket is created and the subject line contains "billing" - move the ticket to "billing" category and assign it to John.
  • When a ticket is closed - send an additional email to the customer

Basically, all automation rules have a formula: When ABC happens - and XYZ conditions are met - do SOMETHING.

To create a new automation rule:
  1. navigate to "Administrator - Automation rules - Create"
  2. add a "trigger" (e.g. "ticket is being created")
  3. (optional) add one or more "conditions" (e.g. "ticket category is XXX")
  4. add an "action" (e.g. "close the ticket")
  5. hit "save"
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